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Evaluation Criteria

The application process for the second cycle of Challenge 22 has closed, and our judges are now assessing this year’s entries. In general terms, strong proposals will satisfy the following criteria:

1.  Clearly states the problem and its economic, social and environmental implications.
2.  Provides an innovation plan and project narrative that describes how the proposed innovation will contribute to the solution.
3.  Discusses existing technologies and describes how the proposed innovation differs from current technologies.
4.  Clearly sets out a schedule for project implementation, monitoring and evaluation.
5.  Describes how the proposed solution will be demonstrated and measured to show benefits.
6.  Demonstrates the combined skills of the team, including how the team will co-ordinate individual aspects of the proposed project.

Scores will be awarded with the following weighting:

Technical merit: 30%

Technical feasibility
•  Is the proposed solution feasible to build and/or easy to implement?

Market research
•  Is there a well-defined target market?
•  Would there be a market for it if it is developed?

2.  Innovation potential

•  Innovativeness of the solution. What is new?
•  How does the solution address a challenge?
•  What are the benefits being delivered by this innovation?
•  What is the unique differentiating factor for this idea?

Programmatic merit: 35%

1.  Relevance to the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar™ and its legacy

•  Potential contribution to the legacy of the 2022 FIFA World Cup™ in Qatar and the region
•  Appropriateness for Challenge 22 as per the challenge themes (including applicant’s ability to address the selected challenge theme)

Business merit: 35%

1.  Financial considerations

•  How would a grant fund of up to USD 100,000 be used, and are there any requirements that it would not cover?

2.  Team strengths

•  Does the team have the right skill set to develop and execute the idea?
•  Previous experience of team members