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Art & Culture

Our community engagement initiatives seek to enrich the lives of those living in Qatar, while at the same time getting them involved in preparations for the 2022 FIFA World Cup™.

This is particularly true of our art and culture programme, which also ensures local cultural traditions are represented at the tournament – 2022 is Qatar’s chance to show the world its proud history and how its people express themselves.

Many of the events in our art and culture programme involve football, introducing the game to some and allowing more seasoned fans to express their passion for it. The events, which include workshops and museum trips, also let us gather invaluable local input on 2022 FIFA World Cup™ plans, and the tournament legacy that communities in Qatar hope to see.

Part of that legacy will be to encourage creativity in young people and give them the ability to express themselves.

Who knows, maybe one of those young people will one day design a new kind of football boot or a FIFA World Cup™ stadium? The opportunities we are giving to the next generation now can shape their futures for years to come.

Art of the future

One of our most successful art and culture initiatives has been the Al Rayyan recycled art project, which exemplifies the dedication of the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC) to sustainability.

To build the new Al Rayyan Stadium, the existing Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium had to be rebuilt from scratch. However, 90% of the materials from the old stadium will be recycled and used in the new Al Rayyan Stadium complex. This includes materials destined for artworks that will prove central to the new complex’s identity.

The artists behind these creations, the renowned Faraj Deham and Sadek Wasil, hold workshops with local young people, capturing their imaginations and bringing them closer to their FIFA World Cup™.

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