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Healthy Generation

In line with the Qatar National Vision 2030  (QNV 2030), our Healthy Generation initiative aims to confront one of the Middle East’s most acute problems – unhealthy lifestyles.

Both the social and human development strands of the QNV 2030 emphasise the importance of making Qatar a more health-conscious society. By educating children and young people about the merits of a balanced diet and regular exercise, Healthy Generation works toward making that society a reality. 

Inspiring healthy lifestyles

Football is a powerful ally for us in reaching young people. Athletic footballers serve as positive role models for healthy lifestyles and we use football-based games to visually and mentally reinforce healthy living messages that might otherwise be forgotten.

We hope that teaching people these valuable lessons early in life will lead to them exercising and becoming more aware of nutrition throughout their lives. We also teach them about the importance of good mental health, encouraging them to pay attention to their mental wellbeing from a young age.

Beyond creating an active generation of people in Qatar, the programme – which will soon be expanded to other Gulf countries – may even encourage young people to pass the healthy living message on to older generations, including family members. That message will, of course, be amplified by the arrival of the 2022 FIFA World Cup™ in Qatar, an event that will inspire young – and older – people globally to get active and stay active.

Who knows… one of our healthy generation might even star on the pitch in 2022.

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