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The 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar™ will be the most compact and accessible instalment of the tournament yet. As soon as fans land in Doha they will immediately be at the heart of the action – with the vast majority of hotels and resorts just 30 minutes away from the airport.

1.	Map showing accommodation locations in Qatar

A new state-of-the-art metro system, a light rail network and upgraded roads will mean that tournament venues are all within easy reach of accommodation.

Meeting the needs of the FIFA World Cup™ & beyond

Visitors may be thinking about staying in a luxurious resort on the edge of Doha, or one of the cruise ships anchored at the port, or perhaps one of the beautiful boutique hotels nestled in the midst of the old souq.

Cruise ship with tourists in Doha port, Qatar

There will also be an abundance of accommodation options around our stadiums in Al Rayyan, Al Wakrah and the new city of Lusail. Wherever fans, players and officials choose to stay, Qatar’s updated transport system will ensure that they can reach any tournament venue within an hour – and will give them easy access to the tourist attractions that draw people from around the globe.

The growing tourism industry in Qatar will make good use of the hotels and other accommodation options that will be a legacy of the 2022 FIFA World Cup™. Qatar already has a reputation for hosting spectacular sporting competitions and other events, meaning that accommodation will always be in demand here.

As well as serving the nation’s long-term development plans, all accommodation will be aligned with the principles of diyafa, which dictate that a visit to Qatar should be an immersive cultural experience that touches every aspect of the visitors’ lives, just as the tournament has already touched millions of lives in Qatar and the Middle East.

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