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Bespoke roof pillars installed at 2022 FIFA World Cup™ stadium in Al Wakrah

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The late Zaha Hadid’s vision for the traditional Qatari dhow boat-inspired iconic Al Wakrah Stadium is on track with two mega pillars being installed on site as the main support for the roof structure.

Bespoke roof pillars installed at 2022 FIFA World Cup™ stadium in Al Wakrah

The 540-tonne pillars resemble curved hockey sticks.

The 540-tonne pillars resembling curved hockey sticks are the main support for the retractable roof of the arena designed by the late British-Iraqi architect. 

The roof steel elements for the columns originated in China and were fabricated in Italy and later shipped to Qatar.

Thani Al Zarraa, SC Project Manager at Al Wakrah Stadium, said: “The fact that the design of this stadium will bring the late Zaha Hadid’s vision from the paper into structural form is in the back of everyone’s mind.”

Bespoke roof pillars installed at 2022 FIFA World Cup™ stadium in Al Wakrah

The 40,000-seat stadium will have a retractable roof.

He added: “It is both a privilege and a challenge to be working on such a unique project, which combines elements of our cultural heritage in the form of the dhow boat with the architect’s iconic structures. With the installation of the roof support pillars, we are honouring her design and are well on track to the completion of the stadium by the end of next year.”

There are seven tower cranes on site now and two 600-tonne cranes that were used to install the pillars that resemble hockey sticks and measure approximately 30 metres. 

Al Wakrah Stadium, 2022 FIFA World Cup™ proposed host venue.

The design of Al Wakrah Stadium resembles the traditional Qatari dhow boat.

The 40,000-seat stadium will have a retractable roof that will be able to close in approximately half an hour using a number of steel wires brought together at an oculus support in the centre of the roof. This light sleeve will provide shade to the entire pitch and contribute to the efficiency of the cooling system before the match. 

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