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London conference highlights global challenges for workers’ welfare


Last week, members of the SC’s Workers’ Welfare team attended a conference in London organised by Impactt Ltd – the independent external monitor appointed to audit the living and working conditions of our workers.

Impactt- Building Workers First Supply Chains Conference.

Mahmoud Qutub (centre) with members of the SC’s Workers’ Welfare team at a conference organised by Impactt.

The event connected us with experts from a cross-section of private sector companies, human rights experts, NGOs and government representatives all committed to making life better for their workforce.  It also allowed us to meet representatives of some of the world’s biggest companies to discuss ways of improving and protecting human rights for their employees.

The conference gave a platform to some notable speakers, panelists and attendees who discussed their common challenges and shared different approaches in trying to solve them. The passion of the opening keynote speech given by renowned human rights lawyer Dexter Dias set the tone for the rest of the day.

This event shone a light on the difficulties companies face protecting workers throughout their supply chain. Many of the representatives we spoke with face similar challenges to those that we do. They have tried to tackle these issues far longer than the SC – yet still have not found all the answers to what are incredibly complex issues.

Impactt- Building Workers First Supply Chains Conference.

The conference, which took place in London, was organised to mark Impactt’s 20th anniversary.

It was an insightful experience that provided a great opportunity for us to learn from others. Many of the conference attendees that we met with during networking sessions were eager to discuss the steps we have taken to protect our workers. Throughout this dialogue it was clear that, while there is still a lot of work to be done, we have tried, and are committed to, confronting the issues innovatively and proactively. Be it developing our own Workers’ Welfare Standards or partnering with Weill Cornell Medicine-Qatar to better the health and nutrition of our workers.

As for Impactt, we commend them for hosting the event and assembling a group of attendees who brought so much value to one another. Their vision of putting the worker first highlights the common goal the SC shares with many other companies and organisations – connecting with our workers.

It is that personal connection that makes a real difference to the lives of those we work with. If we can continue connecting with our workers and hearing their needs, we will keep making progress as Qatar prepares for the 2022 FIFA World Cup™.

For further information about the SC’s commitment to Workers’ Welfare, click here.

Mahmoud Qutub is Senior Advisor, Special Projects Office and Workers’ Welfare at the SC.

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