Installation of steel columns begins at Qatar Foundation Stadium

The installation of 52 V-shaped steel columns at Qatar Foundation Stadium – a proposed 2022 FIFA World Cup™ tournament venue – has begun.

Developed and fabricated in China by Shanghai Construction Group before being shipped to Qatar, the columns arrived in three height categories. The columns measure up to 17 metres in height, with the biggest weighing approximately 14 tonnes.

A striking architectural feature of the stadium nicknamed the 'Diamond in the Desert', the foundations of the columns will partially support several venue levels.

Jassim Telefat, Competition Venues Executive Director for Qatar Foundation Stadium at the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC), explained how the columns are being installed.

"The installation of each column begins by embedding shear keys within the steel reinforcement of the podium slab that is welded to the V-column base plate," he said. "The columns consist of a tubular V-part for the lower section that is bolted to the base plate and tubular steel pipes which are welded to the lower section."

Telefat added: "After assembling temporary steel towers on both sides of the lower tubular steel part, the placing and welding of the steel tubes begins and involves subsequent connections at the intermediate and top levels."

 qatar foundation stadium render

In a mark of further progress at the stadium, the facility's concrete bowl structure has also been completed in the last few weeks.

Eid Al Qahtani, the SC's Project Manager for Qatar Foundation Stadium, emphasised how this is a major milestone for the project. "The concrete bowl structure is composed mainly of the lower and middle tiers," said Al Qahtani. "It is constructed with a combination of reinforced concrete columns, precast raker beams and bleachers. Completing it is a sign of strong progress."

He added: "Major parts of the lower tier have been completed, with the precast fabrication and installation of the raker beams at the four corner sections ongoing.

"As for the middle tier, installation of the precast members is ongoing and precast fabrication of the corner raker beams has started."

As well as developing into a striking and iconic part of the Doha skyline, the new stadium will also offer a variety of features and amenities for local residents and visiting fans.

Situated in the heart of Education City – Qatar's vibrant centre of knowledge and innovation – the surrounding precinct will include numerous green spaces and state-of-the-art sporting and leisure facilities.

Once complete, the stadium will welcome up to 40,000 fans for each game at the 2022 FIFA World Cup™ and host matches up to the quarter-final stage. Its capacity will be reduced to 20,000 in legacy mode, when it becomes a sporting hub for the Qatar Foundation community, with excess seats donated to countries that lack sporting infrastructure.

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