Countless opportunities have emerged, and will continue to emerge, from Qatar hosting the FIFA World Cup 2022™ – for individuals and businesses, inside the country and overseas.

In Qatar itself, initiatives from the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC) are helping the country to achieve the objectives set out in Qatar National Vision 2030 (QNV 2030). 

Focusing on human, social, economic and environmental development, this long-term plan will make the nation prosperous, forward-looking and self-sufficient for generations to come.

Driving Qatar's economy & empowering its people

In preparation for the FIFA World Cup 2022™, the SC is offering career opportunities to individuals and business opportunities to local companies. Multi-million (and billion) riyal contracts are stimulating economic growth, while job opportunities are enabling people to grow their careers.

Alongside this, the next generation of professionals is being developed by the SC-initiated Josoor Institute, a centre of excellence for the sports and events industries. Tutored by global experts, Josoor Institute graduates will make a significant contribution to the diversification of Qatar's economy, while also representing the effect that education is having on the local population.

More local development comes from our community engagement programmes, which ensure that the local population is engaged in the Middle East's first FIFA World Cup™. At the same time, these programmes are educating people, preparing them for a better future of healthy lifestyles and healthy natural environments.

Sponsoring local innovation & worldwide opportunity

Challenge 22 is an innovation competition that allows people around the Middle East to showcase and win funding for their ideas. In doing so, it is advancing ideas that can enhance football tournaments, economies, the environments around us and, of course, the lives of the inventors themselves.

Our Generation Amazing programme changes the lives of people from all over the world, building football pitches to spread involvement in football and educating young people to change their communities from within. 

And some of these same communities benefit from our Workers' Welfare initiative, which ensures that migrant workers can safely earn a good living in Qatar, develop professionally, and even contribute to their home economies.